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Machines We Service

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It is impossible to name every machine we work on. Listed below are the most common machines and brands of machinery we service but are not limited to:

Types of machines we service:
  • ½ ton up to 5,000+ ton punch presses
  • Power presses
  • Two-point straight side and C-gap presses
  • Toggle presses
  • OBI & OBS punch presses
  • Hydraulic punch presses
  • Hydraulic press brakes
  • Mechanical press brakes
  • Plate shears
  • Alligator shears
  • Metal cutting shears up to 24 ft.
  • Mechanical iron workers
  • Hydraulic iron workers
  • Plate rolls
  • Roll formers
  • Lock formers
  • Levelers
  • Uncoilers
  • Feeders
  • Slitters
  • Mills
  • Lathes
  • Radial drill presses
  • Power band saws
  • Cold saws
Some of the brands we service:
  • Aida
  • Bliss
  • Chicago D&K
  • Cincinnati, Inc.
  • Clearing
  • Edwards Mfg.
  • Federal
  • Heim
  • Komatsu
  • L&J Presses
  • Minster
  • Niagra
  • Pacific Press
  • Pirhana
  • Pexto
  • Regal
  • Roper & Whitney
  • Rousselle
  • Scotchman
  • Southerland
  • YCI Super Max
  • Uni-Hydro
  • Verson
  • Warco
  • Wysong & Miles

There are some machines we do not service. These include but are not limited to CNC controls, electronic boards, plastic injection molding machines, dies and molds, medical or pharmaceutical machinery, ovens and machines used in the food industry.

R&R Industrial Services, Inc. offers services in repairs, rebuilds, retrofit conversions, designing and engineering.

We perform both major and minor mechanical repairs on many types of machinery to include crankshafts, bushings, ram, gibs, wet and dry clutches, brakes, air cylinders, counter balance cylinders, drive shafts, vari-drives, gear boxes, planetary gear drives, roller shafts, motors, pumps, hydraulic valves, pneumatic systems and much more.

R&R Industrial Services, Inc. - Emergency Repairs and Rebuilding of Older, Obsolete and New Machinery